Are Newspapers being replaced by Internet News?

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by krishna-agrawala | College Teacher | Valedictorian

Undoubtedly, Internet is being used increasingly to delivering news and interesting information on many interesting social topics of current interest.  This is because of the many advantages of delivering information of this type on the internet. For example:

  1. Availability of most updated information round the clock.
  2. Ability of reader to customize and choose the type of information they like to have from a very vast reservoir if information. This includes current as well as old information. Even the way the information is presented can be customized. Reader can conveniently refer to additional information related to a news item using suitable links to other pages on the same site and to other sites.
  3. Facility to alert individuals through e-mail, cell phones or other devices, availability of any new item of their interest available on a particular site.
  4. Readers can easily forward interesting news items to others. This enables people to remain in touch with others easily.
  5. Ability to present information in rich formats including videos.
  6. Instant availability of information for use round the globe without additional variable costs.
  7. Ability of content providers to get detailed data on popularity of information put on the Internet. This information can help in better choice of information put on their sites.
  8. Very short lead time between occurrence of an event and news making on its availability on the Internet.

The growing popularity of Internet over the print media can also be judged from the fact that most big publishers of newspapers and magazines have also set up sites on the Internet to supplement their print media products. However, there are other areas where newspapers score over the Internet-news. The main advantages of newspapers are:

  1. Printed material is more convenient to read. One can easily relax, reclined over a deck chair, and reading a newspaper. This Kind of ease in reading is not possible with Internet-news
  2. Printed material  can be carried and read at any location of the world. There is no precondition of availability of Internet connectivity.
  3. Reading printed informationdoes not require any equipment such as a computer

However, it is important to note that Internet capabilities are improving very fast, and with that the Internet-news is moving toward overcoming its current disadvantages over newspaper. It is also increasing the margin of advantages where it scores over newspaper.

Thus it will not be wrong to assume that at some time in future, Internet will replace newspapers, magazines, and journals for all practical purposes. But this time is not likely to come in as much short time as some people expect – I believe it will take decades, rather than years, for this to happen.

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