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….The fruit of the experience we have gained through working on LNC, the site for French users.

Was it necessary to make its exact clone, but in English, or something new and radically different ?

Frankly speaking, we needed to make the difference, both setting up for the first time, the display of News from Centrafrique in English, and designed with an outift that nobody can find nowhere else.

And we did it !

LNC Media News in no time is now even more essential and more in tune with the way readers interact with the news.

Designing a news site’s front page is a huge challenge, with dozens of internal and external stakeholders. It is the “shop front” through which many people start their journey and everyone has an opinion as to what should be in the window displays.

In the last six months, we’ve seen great leaps in our habits of consumption of content that are influencing the LNC Media Press web design now. Broadband and smartphone use have changed the speed and convenience with which we’re accessing content. Social media services are also playing a part, changing how we communicate, share and manage our online lives.

The design has taken into consideration many of these changes in behaviour, along with our findings from extensive user research and testing, to provide a better template to suit people’s evolving needs. It’s also a more flexible template which will allow us to implement features in the near future much more easily than actually.


Check It out: http://www.lanouvellecentrafrique.org/


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